Neville Island

Construction began at Emsworth in 1919 and continued until 1922, with the locks first opening in September 1921. he Corps rebuilt and converted the dam to a gated structure between 1935 and 1938. This action raised the pool an additional 7 feet to accommodate larger, more modern barges. From 1981-86, some $30 million was invested in a major rehabilitation of the facility. Rehabilitation included the replacing of electrical systems, operating machinery and buildings and re-surfacing of the lock walls.
Emsworth averages about 470 commercial lockages every month, plus another 350-400 lockages of pleasure craft during the busy summer months.
Both these pictures show Neville Island’s industry focuses. One being in making and recycling steel and other metals which is supplied here in Pittsburgh and also the surrounding area. Triad Metals is the company for the I steel beams shown. The other picture is of the Neville Chemical Company which is involved in making chemicals, but this is a small operation as they also have coal operation power plant at another end. This is also the infamous/famous Neville Light comes from where they are burning coal a bright light can be seen for miles.
This is RMU’s arena. Mostly a giant sport complex where you can play any sport. Many people play Hockey in the roller hockey, but is a typical sport center
Founded in 1919 by Francis Dravo as a commercial shipyard, the Dravo corporation quickly grew in both size and capability and garnered a name for itself for it’s sound and innovative construction techniques as it produced a number of towboats and recreational steamboats. Dravo was able to construct 147 LST’s, three Destroyer Escorts and employed over 16,000 people. Postwar, Dravo operated briefly as a ship scrapping facility before it returned to commercial shipbuilding in 1947 and operated for another 35 years before it finally closed it’s doors in 1982.
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By Lon Hambrice