East Liberty Presbyterian Church & the East End


East Liberty Presbyterian Church, also known as the Cathedral of Hope, was originally created in 1819 and the current structure was completed in 1935. The gothic-styled church occupies a full block in east liberty and over $4 million was spent on its construction. A congregation of about 800 attends its various services throughout the week. The church has a music and art education outreach for youth called Hope Academy.


The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is the second tallest educational building in the world. The 42-story construction project was started in 1926 and was completed in 1934. Two of the biggest attractions are the Commons Room and the Nationality Rooms. The half-acre Commons Room, pictured above, is four stories tall and is the main entryway. There are 29 Nationality Rooms that are designed to reflect each nationality that was influential in the development of Pittsburgh. 27 of the classrooms are working classrooms while the other 2 are permanent display rooms.


The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is located on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. It has permanent exhibits on dinosaurs, African wildlife, and ancient Egypt. Founded in 1896, the museum gained attention in 1899 when it discovered the fossils of Diplodocus. The museum is open year round and is a paid attraction.


Shadyside is a popular destination in Pittsburgh for locals and tourists. Walnut Street in Shadyside has many shops and restaurants from national chains such as Gap and American Apparel to local favorites such as Henne Jewelers, Mario’s East Side Saloon, and Pamela’s Diner.


East End is a great place to venture for a day. You can start off the day with brunch at Pamela’s in Shadyside. Then, head over to Oakland to check out the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and take a look at the Cathedral of Learning. After that, head back to Shadyside for some shopping and head to the Elbow Room for dinner and maybe get a few drinks at Mario’s East Side Saloon. If you are in town for a Sunday morning, head over to East Liberty Presbyterian Church for a service.


By Kyle O’Keeffe