The Sewickley Valley YMCA provides Sewickley and the surrounding cities with excellent workout facilities and many community programs. These programs include after-school opportunities for teens, family events, fundraising for local non-profits, and campaigns  to improve healthcare benefits for Veterans. Ultimately, their mission is “to build a healthy spirit, mind and body based on Christian principles and to improve the quality of life for children, individuals and families in the Ambridge Area, Cornell, Moon Area, and Quaker Valley school districts.”


The Sweetwater began as a grass-roots effort developed by local members of the community. It finally opened its doors in 1975 an began its life as a fine arts education facility. This Sweetwater Center for the Arts is now a staple name in the Pittsburgh area when it coms to arts education. One community member said it is “a beautiful place that gives back to its community.


The Sewickley Bridge was built by the American Bridge Company and opened on October 21, 1981. It is a steel truss bridge that connects Sewickley and Moon Township and comprises a significant part of the daily commute for many Pittsburgh Fellows. The current bridge is actually the second to occupy this location. The original bridge was built in 1911 but had deteriorated badly by the late 1970s.


The Edgeworth Club is a private social and recreational club in Sewickley that was founded in 1893 for the purpose of “promoting friendship among its members and their social enjoyment.” The Pittsburgh Fellows use this club as the site for hosting their monthly Business Roundtables.


The Sewickley Public Library was established in 1873 but did not move to its present location until 1923. Its founders’ original purpose was to provide a place for the “rational amusement and self improvement” for young men that would serve as an alternative to the local pub scene. Today, the mission of the SPL is “to serve as a center for lifelong learning by providing free access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library resources that address the interests and needs of the children and adults in the greater Quaker Valley community.”

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