Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill, a mostly residential area, is located on the East End of Pittsburgh. While the Hill was an evident part of the landscape, squirrels were scarce to be seen, which, needless to say, outraged our author. Nevertheless, the area was rich with culture, which made up for the lack of squirrels. According to the 2010 census, 40% of Squirrel Hill’s residents are Jewish. This ethnic density makes the area a geographic hub for the Jewish community, a unique feature in North America. Jewish schools, synagogues, Hanukkah decorations, and orthodox attire are just a few of the marks the culture has left on the neighborhood.
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Above is Squirrel Hill Cafe, on the corner of Murry and Forbes. The cafe resides in the heart of the neighborhood, making it a great starting point when visiting the area. Nearby is a Coldstone Creamery (yum), the Jewish Community Center, Frick Park, and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
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On the edge of the neighborhood lies Homewood Cemetery. Since the author shares a special affinity to cemeteries, and since this one was recommended by a Pittsburgh resident as one of the most beautiful, a special visit was necessary.
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Homewood was founded in 1878 for the East End residents of Pittsburgh. At the time, it was the burial ground for some of the most wealthy and influential families. Consequently, many unusual and majestic family crypts rise out from the rolling hills of the 178 well-tended acres.
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By Johnny Sikma
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